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Introducing “Epic Emails” and More Changes Coming to Hostel Apostles

Greetings Fellow Travelers, Digital Nomads, and Assorted Vagabonds of the Globe,

It feels that it has been far too long since our paths have last crossed, and we here at Hostel Apostles are sad that we have left you out of our journey as of late. After all, a life well-traveled is hardly fulfilling if it is done without the company of others…

In an effort to keep in touch and provide more  content, more often, we here at Hostel Apostles HQ are introducing a new segment to the site: “Epic Emails.”

Now you may ask yourself “What pray tell are these “Epic Emails” that you speak of?” assuming you were some sort of medieval peasant instead of a modern backpacker, but putting all verbose pretense aside, we shall tell you.

(Photo Credit: Colectiva Global)

(Photo Credit: Colectiva Global)

Often times, we find ourselves receiving requests to provide the “must-do’s” in a particular location. These requests usually go something like this: “Hey, I’m going to be in [Whatever City] this weekend with some friends, and I know that you’ve spent some time there! What should I do there if I’ve got 2 days in town?” And then usually such questions result in an extremely detailed, bullet-by-bullet reply that is potentially 5 times the amount of information that said individual was looking for, but in the end, that person is thankful for that list of killer suggestions.

So why then waste a perfectly good electronic oration on just an email? Moving forward, we’re going to take these replies – almost verbatim – and place them into a new segment on Hostel Apostles called Epic Emails. These posts are by no means meant to be comprehensive city guides, but if you want a quick look into a personalized itinerary where you can then cherry-pick recommendations, then this could be a helpful tool when you’re prioritizing your experience list should you ever travel to that destination.

Oh, and I should probably mention that these emails will be FILLED with a gratuitous amount of enthusiasm, because let’s be honest, we Hostel Apostles love to travel, and when you write us about one of our favorite destinations, of course we’re going to be stoked!

Long story short, keep an eye out for some fun, energetic, and informative Epic Emails coming out on a regular basis, starting next week. In addition to these narratives, other exciting additions will soon be on their way to the site as well, including a refreshed list of Featured Hostels, and a new video format with a special new segment called “Pub Crawl Worldwide”…needless to say we are PUMPED! In the meantime, feel free to hit us up with any questions or suggestions…you just might end up being the feature of next Epic Email!

Happy Travels,

Chris L

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Chris Luecke

Chris Luecke is the Chief Travel Officer at Hostel Apostles and aspiring digital nomad. He lives in San Francisco, California, where he spends his time as a marketer and blogger in the tech and travel industries.

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