Hostel Apostles


Hostel Apostles is changing the way the world views budget traveling. Hosteling is more than just a cheap way to sleep when you’re abroad. It’s a way of experiencing a new city from a completely different perspective.

We’re opening the doors of some of the most eclectic, character-filled accommodations across the globe, and giving you a first-hand look into the backpacker lifestyle. Whether you want to get closer to the local culture, or are looking to party with globe-trotting vagabonds from all corners of the earth, it’s all part of the hosteling experience. So join us as we explore the world, one hostel at a time!


Meet the Hostel Apostles

2014-08-07 18.30.51Hi, I’m Chris. Ever since I found myself in Europe with only a backpack and a loose itinerary in 2010, I have sworn by hosteling almost everywhere I go. Why? Could it have been the skyline view from the rooftop patio at my Panama City hostel? Maybe it was the absolutely riotous time I had with my Australian suitemates in London. Or maybe it was the extravagant Christmas dinner they served in the common area in Santiago.  For one reason or another – okay, for hundreds of reasons – I became hooked…

As a resident of the great “No Vacation Nation,” I have an insatiable thirst for wanderlust. I love helping and showing others how to get the most out of their travels – on a budget – while coming away with the most enriching experience possible.

When I’m not traveling or talking about traveling, chances are I’m exploring the local cuisine, riding a roller coaster, driving long distances to see live music, climbing a mountain, or anything else that could loosely be considered a travel activity!